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    SESSIONS AVAILABLE - Vegan Fine Dining | The Art of Tarts, Pastry & Pies | Thai & Vietnamese | Japanese | Artisan Breads | Pasta Making | Indian Cuisine | Nepalese Cuisine | Bake, braise or roast - come & join us!

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Cracking Good Food

Cookery Schools

home-1Half & Full day cooking classes, cooking many cuisines from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients


home-2A rolling programme of wild food forage & cook sessions run by our medical herbalist & lifelong forager.


home-3One off community cooking programmes available.


A 2-day course designed to identify, skill & empower communities to set up community cooking clubs.

Tackling Foodwaste

home-5School workshops with a 3 pronged approach to raise awareness & understanding about food waste and the environment, economic & social impact.

Business Lunch!

home-6Help staff maintain a healthy lifestyle with a Nutritionist – lunch provided.

Upskilling Cooks

home-7Supporting and inspiring school catering teams to incorporate healthier and appealing choices to the school menu.


home-8Inspiring & interactive 2.5-hour parent & child cooking sessions – it’s a great chance to bond the generations…

Bespoke Events

home-9Bespoke parties, events and team building packages designed for fun and to introduce news skills, recipes & a healthy meal!

Our Venues

home-10Details on how to get there & other useful information.

Gift Vouchers

home-11Buy and print your own gift vouchers.

The Team

We work with fully trained Cooks and Co-ordinators and we are supported by over 100 volunteers

Community Cooks

Community Cookery

Our Community Cookery programmes bring new skills and a love of good food for all.





Find out more about our diverse range of volunteering opportunities.

Annual Reports

annual reports


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