Bespoke Events


We recognise that working & growing together as a team is instrumental to achieve success! We deliver enjoyable & constructive events that enable your team to easily exhibit their natural instincts & characteristics whilst rewarding them at the same time. Our offer to help you invest in your team & treat them to a Cracking Good Day out!

  • Group Cook-Off – challenge your team & reward them with the meal they’ve cooked together!
  • Healthy Lunch Demo – help staff maintain a healthy lifestyle with Nutritionist – lunch provided.
  • Rural or Urban Forage & Cook-Up! – Re-connecting with the great outdoors.
  • Cooking Together – A calming & creative time to nuture relationships to bond your team.
  • Parties & other celebrations.
  • Employee Rewards – Cookery School vouchers available.
  • Bespoke – we can devise a bespoke team building event based on cuisines that include Japanese, Nepalese, Italian & Cantonese.

Further information

  • All our events are coordinated & led by experienced Cooking Leaders.
  • Equipment & ingredients are all supplied Cracking Good Food has full public liability insurance.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility
10% of your fee goes towards our Community Pot to directly deliver cooking workshops in areas of high deprivation so that we can teach critical cooking skills to help alleviate food poverty.  You will have the option to pay an additional percentage once your fee is agreed. Never has Corporate Social Responsibility tasted so good!

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