GUEST BLOG: Bread matters

By guest blogger TRACEY

Our half day bread session (Breaking Bread) with the Boaz Trust on 24 May was spent baking a basic loaf, naans and focaccia with 12 ladies representing so many corners of the globe; Cuba, China, Iran, Kenya, Uganda and many more. Some were able to share their own native breadmaking styles, whilst a lady from Eritrea demonstrated how they decorate their own flat breads using a fork, simply stunning. Rob easily captivated their interest through sharing information about the rewards and health benefits of making your own chemical free bread. 

He highlighted how you decide on the grain and can vary the taste by adding different seeds, thus personalising your loaf. After such hard work mixing and kneading their dough, they carefully ‘cradled’ the dough into a greased tin. We all sat to share and eat the home made pizzas at lunch time, it was a much needed break to fuel the work needed to move to the naan dough. They chose to add garlic to the mix, so expertly top and tailed each clove after Rob’s demonstration. The focaccia was a wetter dough, but our happy bakers kneaded and proved the dough to perfection as each focaccia looked amazing once garnished with garlic, rock salt, and rosemary.

There are more photos from this session on our Facebook page here.

If you’re interested in learning breadmaking or developing your skills, we have plenty of classes to sign up for in Chorlton, Flixton and Prestwich – the next is a full-day session this Saturday; see our website for full details and how to book here.

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