GUEST BLOG: Wild night out

By guest blogger SHARON ROBINSON

Our forage this week was no more than half a mile, along one edge of Chorlton Water Park and about 50 metres of the River Mersey. Foraging expert Jesper Launder explained that we’re in a bit of a seasonal transition period wild food wise – spring has sprung and the recent sunshine has encouraged some early summer activity. 

The evening seemed to have a bit of a cocktail/wine theme as we started right next to the sloe – the berries will be perfect in autumn for pepping up vodka or gin. As well as dandelion and nettles, there were young oak leaves and hawthorn flowers for making wine, and water mint for mojito. My favourite was the elderflower and I’ll be back for some to make elderflower champagne.
We ended the evening with Jesper creating a sweet and savoury tempura feast washed down with some summer oak leaf wine. Very tasty!

See the Cracking Good Food Facebook page for more photos from Wednesday’s forage.
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