Really enjoyed the whole session, never thought id get to make my own dumplings. R Norris (July 2018)

What will you cook?

£70 per person, 4 hour class

Wor Tip - Chinese pan-fried ‘potsticker’ dumplings – make your dumpling wrappers from scratch and learn to adapt the recipe to create your own flavour combinations.

Lor Mai Gai - Steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf – a dim sum classic of steamed lotus leaves stuffed with glutinous rice and a variety of delicious savoury fillings such as chicken and shitake mushrooms.

Teochow Fun Gor  - Steamed dumplings- made from ‘crystal dough’ so called for their translucent wrappers that hint at the delightful fillings they hold. A dim sum classic you will learn to master.

Dim Sum (??) is a style of Chinese cuisine that originates from the Cantonese speaking area of Hong Kong.  Literally translated Dim (?) means ‘touch’ and Sum (?) means ‘heart’, as the dishes were originally created as snacks served with tea rather than stomach-filling meals. Dim Sum is served as small plates that are shared amongst a group. Dim sum can be cooked by steaming and frying, amongst other methods.

During this class you will learn to cook various dishes that are popular in dim sum restaurants all over the world using a mixture of techniques that you can replicate and adapt over and over again to impress your friends and family. We will be cooking up some of the recipes to share ‘family style’ but there will be plenty for you to take home to share afterwards too!

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free

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