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The revenue generated by our Cookery School helps support us in running a range of community projects:

Community Cookery

Community CookeryOur Community Cookery programmes bring new skills and a love of good food for all.


A 2-day course designed to identify, skill & empower communities to set up community cooking clubs.


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Our 7 year Community Outreach Cooking Summary can be viewed here (to be updated in Jan 2018)

Current Activity

We are partnering with Reach out to the Community (ROC) and Manchester Community central (Macc) to deliver Community Reporter courses, enabling those who’ve experienced homelessness, or work with those that are, to film their stories – to give them a voice.

A filmmaker will edit this film to be screened to Mayor Andy Burnham in the New Year. We are cooking outside ROC to raise awareness of homelessness, highlighting the many ways in which the public can help whilst cooking for those in need.

We will be cooking with ROC on 25th Nov and 9th Dec at 488 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton.

Funded by the National Lottery.

What we’ve been up since June 2017

We are working with Richmond Fellowship, a women’s hostel and Hulme Garden Centre, with a view to developing stronger self-esteem and wellbeing through cooking and growing.

We returned to Manchester Food & Drink Festival’s hub, cooking with Octogenarians. Funded by the University of Manchester, we wanted to highlight the continued importance of nutrition and social interaction amongst older people.

We worked with Streetgames, a national charity, training up community leaders in how to easily feed their cohort healthy affordable lunches, as a means to combating holiday hunger. We went as far as Newcastle in the North East and Penzance in the South West with stopovers in London, Cardiff, Essex, Birmingham, Derby & Wigan on the way. In fact, even Prince Harry turned up to help!

Between 30 & 40 Chinese students, who’d just arrived in the UK, wanted to learn traditional British cooking! So what better things to cook than fish fingers from scratch (goujons!) and burgers with plenty of new potatoes and salads.

We took part in the Manchester International Festival by running a fully participatory cooking event for the public in the Whitworth Art Gallery’s grounds as part of the Gathering of Strangers event.

We’ve been busy in Moston, north Manchester, cooking with residents at Moston Miners Community Arts & Music. It’s been great cooking with families again and bringing the love of good food back into people’s lives. We’ll be cooking for a while there yet.

Salford Cooks. Now as a result of us running our COOKBank training there and following it up with individual sessions to get each community really cooking! Working with surplus unwanted food from Fareshare, we’ve certainly opened new doors to accessing good food for many. We’ve also continued our work with City West Housing Association in Little Hulton, delivering basic hygiene courses for the keener ones.

We’ve branched out to Stoke where we successfully cooked & ran hygiene courses with members of the YMCA, the Princes Trust & Arch Housing Association, as part of Shout out Stoke, again bringing young people into the kitchen to enjoy good food. Working with Stoke Council we then developed sessions where we cooked with a rotation of 5 young people each week, who in turn cooked for up to 30 of their friends. Again, tackling holiday hunger & teaching new cooking skills each young cook was sent home with all the fresh ingredients to repeat their culinary expertise at home!

We’ve more on the cards too… why not contact us and let us cook in your community?

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