2018 Well-Being Day in Memory of Dr Bernadette Tynan

We ran a Well-being day on 8th March 2018, International Womens’ Day in memory of Dr Bernadette Tynan (also her 52nd birthday) who died of endometrial/womb cancer in August 2017. It was be held at The Old Abbey Tap House, Manchester.

Bernadette left Cracking Good Food some money to continue our community outreach work, but we have decided to dedicate it exclusively to her by raising awareness of womb cancer. She wanted no-one to suffer as she did.


We brought together 3 Doctors leading in this field of womb cancer who each gave a talk, together with well-being practitioners: expect food, cooking, nutrition, therapeutic juices, yoga, massage, counselling and a talk from an academic about why it’s important and healthy to talk about death. Most importantly it was a day to celebrate, life, health and each other.

The very moving film Bernadette requested we make 4 weeks before she died is below:

We are trying to fundraise to enable more of these events for the public to continue:
For further info: [email protected]

For more information about Dr Bernadette’s work in education please visit: bernadette-tynan.com

About The Practitioners

Dr Emma Crosbie
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist
Dr Neil Ryan
Clinical Research Fellow in Gynaecological Oncology – PhD on the genetics of womb cancer
Dr Helena O’Flynn
Academic Clinical Research Fellow in Primary Care. GP. PhD on recognising the signs and symptoms of womb cancer and designing a new test to pick it up early.
Dr Judith Wester
Dr Wester has committed herself to transferring contemporary research on death, dying & bereavement into language everyone can understand. cedareducation.org.uk
Steph Magenta
Healthy lifestyle coaching, regenerative healing juice detoxing, clean nutrition guidance, re-birthing breathwork to help create and build a sense of lasting health across all areas (mind, body and spirit). lifealchemyhealth.com
Davine Forde
Cancer treatments, counselling & signposting to support groups. [email protected]
Amanda Aitken
MSc ANutr & Registered Associate Nutritionist, a member of the Nutrition Society & scientific researcher. A consultant with the aim of improving people’s health through food.
Dina da Silva
An inspiring cook teaching communities how affordable, tasty, easy & nutritious cooking from scratch can be. [email protected]
Fiona Bleoch
Yoga develops awareness of your body and mind’s habitual holding patterns. Yoga develops co-ordination , flexibility, stamina, balance, mental clarity, increased concentration & overall health.
Yoga practice & relaxation.
Queenie Richard
Qualified massage therapist. Offering treatments for pain, Injury, stress relief and general wellbeing. Based at The Old Abbey Tap House. Also travels to your home or place of work. bellleepoqueuk.weebly.com

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