Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance

You can PLEDGE to support the Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester and view the Food Poverty Action Plan 2019.

Food poverty is consistent access to adequate food being limited by a lack of money and other resources. End Child Poverty Coalition have reported that more than half of Greater Manchester’s wards have child poverty rates of 25% or more, while the number of emergency food providers in the city region has more than doubled in five years – GMPA has counted and mapped over 170 providers.

The Alliance aim to eradicate food poverty by 2022.

Map of Recorded foodbanks in Greater Manchester.

Cracking Good Food are co-chairing one of the sub groups, Skills & Training.

The sub groups can be viewed here.

Everyone is welcome to join, please contact the relevant group accordingly.

The launch of the Greater Manchester Poverty Alliance in Manchester 2018.

Some of the many organisations who are working collectively to address and eradicate food poverty.


Together, we can and must eradicate food poverty. Please get in touch with us or [email protected] to see how you can help.

View the Food Poverty Action Plan 2019 and you can pledge to support the Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester.

Thank you.

Everyone deserves good food.

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