New flavours and new skills!

Lots of interesting knowledge about ingredients and unusual suggestions. Very relaxed, easy to follow teaching.

Really friendly environment. Relaxed (but safe), good food! I’d love to do it again. Great extra advice on other foods.

What will you cook?

£70 per person, 4 hour class

In this workshop we will explode the myths and explore the subtle flavours & key ingredients which make up traditional soups & sushi. Suitable for both vegetarians and pescatarians, we will be using high quality fish and key Japanese ingredients and seasonings to create a range of mouthwatering sushi with dipping sauce, containing the distinctive taste of Umami.

Indulge yourself with the freshest of flavours from the East and let Maz show you how to distinguish your maki from your nigiri and your umeboshi from your furikake.

Maz is a highly experienced professionally-trained ex-Wagamama chef with a wealth of experience of teaching people the tricks of the trade.

Please let us know if you’d prefer to only cook the vegetarian options by emailing [email protected] after booking.

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