Cracking Good Food

Our Impact



Our mission is to support people across a wide range of communities, in particular those at-risk of food insecurity, by making cooking-from-scratch with healthy ingredients as affordable and accessible as possible. We run projects in some of the most deprived and food-insecure areas of Greater Manchester with people often experiencing multiple complex disadvantages including homelessness, mental health problems, poverty and social isolation. 

We aim to capture and evaluate the impact of all of our projects to ensure they are meeting the needs of the community as closely as possible, ensuring we always offer the people we are supporting opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions. 

You can read a selection of our impact reports here: 

‘Cracking The Crisis’ – A report on the impact of our work carried out between March 2020-March 2021 in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic

Veg-Up! Stockport & Salford, Summer 2021