Cracking Good Food

Who do we support?


Who do we support? 

We work with a wide range of partners across Greater Manchester to provide support for as many different communities at-risk of food insecurity as possible.  Whilst planning our projects we explore local, regional and national data as well as speaking to members of the local community to ensure that the support we are offering is culturally and dietarily appropriate, and tailored to specific local needs. 

We work with housing associations, schools, charities, food banks, pantry schemes, faith groups, community growers, NHS workers and more to provide food and cooking-from-scratch support. Food insecurity and hunger are problems intrinsically linked with other challenges and disadvantages. We believe that EVERYONE deserves good food and the physical, mental and social wellbeing benefits it provides; without access to sufficient, nutritious, culturally appropriate food people simply cannot reach their full potential. 

Throughout our work we have supported people experiencing one or more of the following, which put them at high-risk of food insecurity: 


Throughout our Covid emergency food response, we cooked and distributed thousands of meals for people in temporary emergency homeless prevention accommodation, as well as Christmas dinners for street homeless people supported by Lifeshare Charity. 

We also cook with residents of homeless prevention hostels, supporting them to learn vital life skills and to increase their confidence and wellbeing in preparation for when they move on to more permanent residence. Many people experiencing homelessness are also struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, which both have an effect on diet, food choices and wellbeing. 

Older people 

We were a partner on Ambition For Ageing’s Social Eating Guide which provides comprehensive guidance on running social eating projects for older people at risk of social isolation and malnutrition.  

People seeking asylum

A number of our volunteers are people seeking asylum and we provide them with a range of support including meals. We have also been active in supporting and raising the voices of people seeking asylum when threatened with deportation and treated unfairly by the Home Office. We have also worked with the British Red Cross’s ‘SNAP’ to provide a series of online cook-alongs for people seeking asylum in Merseyside. 

Armed Forces Veterans

We supported Rochdale Veterans with meals throughout our Covid emergency food response. We have also been working with Armed Forces Veterans on Groundwork’s ‘Grow, Cook, Eat’ project, supporting people to cook-from-scratch with fresh allotment produce and eat it together in a vibrant outdoor setting. 

Low income families

Many of our community projects including ‘Veg-Up!’ and ‘Pantry Pods’ have supported people living in local areas which feature in the 10% most deprived in the country including parts of Salford and Stockport. We support low income households by sharing skills to cook with affordable ingredients available locally, by redistributing perfectly good ingredients destined for food waste and by redistributing pre-loved kitchen equipment sourced from our ‘Kitchen Kit Call Out’.