An afternoon session away from tech! and he created food that was so fresh and tasty, we had to stop at the shops on the way home!

My daughter had a brilliant time! She loved cooking up a storm and learnt much from the Chef and volunteers. Totally recommend it for kids interested in cooking food and it’s a wonderful way to spend extra time together


Cooking is a life skill I want my children to leave home with. Lotte and I rarely cook together due to time as there are so many other distractions in our lives and it’s tricky to learn together in a parent/child dynamic. When she does cook it usually involves sweet baking … so this session allowed us to learn to cook a savoury dish and relax and enjoy ourselves in a neutral space.

Liz & Lotte made Thai Fish Cakes

Just a quick note to say how much my son & husband enjoyed their session this afternoon. Our son was totally engrossed in the tasting of ingredients/prep/cooking and made him really proud. I was gutted that they ate all the fishcakes – but that means that they will have to cook them again soon! They are really looking forward to their net session in a couple of weeks and I suspect may come to more after that.


What will you cook?

£27.50 per person, 2.5 hour class

An inspiring & interactive 2.5-hour cooking session for Dads & Daughters, Moms & Son’s, friends & family, we all need to cook & it’s a great chance to bond the generations…

Let’s encourage our young folk away from technology into the kitchen making dishes which are healthy & appeal to young taste-buds, the experience is empowering as well as resourceful & will open both their minds & taste-buds! Truly the skills that last a lifetime.

How often do we hear about young folk not wanting to eat or try something new? Getting them into the kitchen cooking for the family increases the chances of them trying & eating new foods, gaining an understanding of healthier-yet cool-alternatives & realising how cheap it can be too! They’ll definitely feel a richly deserved sense of pride & what better way to start them off towards independent living!

YoungCANCook is a memorable activity to bond with your Young Cooks…& enjoy some wonderfully tasty healthy food of course too.

All equipment and food is provided.

Buy all 6 sessions & the get the 6th half price!
Please email [email protected]

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